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Medical Solutions

RTMS– Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) The products we offer is capable of high-frequency repetitive protocols for both cortical* and peripheral stimulation. With a package to fit a wide variety of research purposes, has been used in research studies worldwide.

The EEG Line of products includes configurations for Long Term Monitoring (LTM), ICU, Clinical EEG and Ambulatory home testing. Featuring intuitive software that is adaptable to each user’s workflow, and lightweight, expandable amplifiers that are optimal for patient mobility, is ideal for Paediatric and Adult patient populations.

Designed with user workflow and IT standards in mind, EMG-EP system features a color coded Human Interface Device, programmable foot pedal and active handheld stimulator that maximizes efficiency and increases patient comfort.

IOM- Intraoperative neuromonitoring is used in various surgical disciplines to ensure the integrity of neuronal tissue and thus serves the surgeon as a suitable tool to better maintain motor and sensory functions providing areas of application ranging from

Neurosurgery, e.g. SEP, MEP, EMG, EEG, AEP, VEP

Spine surgery, e.g. SEP, MEP, EMG

Orthopaedics, e.g. SEP, MEP, EMG

Vascular surgery, e.g. SEP, EEG

Cardiothoracic surgery, e.g. SEP, MEP, EEG

Rectal surgery, e.g. EMG, pIOM

Thyroid surgery, e.g. EMG

Ear, nose and throat surgery, e.g. EMG, MEP

The CNS Monitor brings time-synchronized, high resolution multimodal data to the bedside. Display continuous EEG alongside systemic physiology from over 30 ICU devices. Customizable state-of-the-art displays to meet each patient’s unique needs.

The ultrasonic dissectors from us allow the surgeon to proceed precisely and efficiently without traumatising the surrounding tissue. They are suited to hard, medium-hard and soft tumours and are safe to handle.

We offer wide range of treatment units. with the option to customize the unit with different colour combination from the RAL chart. The composition of the components to the colour and finish providing a robust, flexible, logical design ensuring the comfort of both the clinician as well as the patient.

Our slit lamps have high technical specification and can meet the demands of ophthalmic practice,  without any additional light source. The state-of-the-art LED light source ensures perfect illumination for each examination and is energy saving. The brightness control is comfortably integrated into the slit lamp base – full control at your fingertips. The smooth mechanics of the Slit Lamp base allow you single handed control.

A high-resolution lens system combined with specially prepared optotypes and brilliant, white halogen illumination results in a chart projector you can rely on. Crystal clear test charts each time.

Dedicated diagnostic dry eye platform. Dry eye can be diagnosed through a comprehensive eye examination. Testing, with emphasis on the evaluation of the quantity and quality of tears produced by the eyes.

This is used to help lower intraocular pressure when maximum medical therapy with eye drops and laser treatment is not enough. The valve is made of silicone and consists of a micro-tube connected to a small endplate or reservoir.

Designed to deal with different areas of application like chair-side treatment, outpatient clinics and private offices.We give priority to ensuring the closest coordination of the various unit functions with one another, to maximum flexibility, and to outstanding design so as to offer the best possible support to the practitioner.

Rigid Scopes













Flexible Scopes 

The device allows electrotherapy to be carried out using the available therapeutic currents, i.e. microcurrents, Kotz current, TENS currents, currents dedicated to spastic paralysis therapy, diadynamic currents, impulse currents (rectangular pulses; triangular pulses; Trabert current), tonolysis, galvanic currents and others.

Shockwave therapy device enables effective treatment of chronic pain associated with chronic inflammation and degeneration of tendons, joint capsules, ligaments muscles and bones. It is also a great support in the therapy of trigger points, i.e. particularly sensitive places characterized by increased tension, which can generate radiating pain.

Latest low-level laser therapy device with a unique design and applied protection concepts ensure patient safety during therapy. The compact size of the laser makes it an ideal device for physiotherapy centres and for home healthcare environmental therapy.

The laser is currently used in the treatment of diseases in the field of general medicine, dermatology, ENT, dentistry, neurology, orthopaedics, podology, surgery, rheumatology and even oncology. It also supports rehabilitation, physiotherapy and sports medicine, helping to reduce the effects of injuries and damages to the tendon and bone.

Magnetotherapy has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-edema and regenerative effects. In addition, osteogenic effects and therefore acceleration of bone healing is mentioned among the biological effects of the magnetic field

The ultrasound therapy device can be used to perform treatments with continuous (thermal effect) and pulse (micro massage) mode emission. The emitted power is stabilized automatically, without having to stop the treatment due to a decrease in the level of absorption (e.g. bone area).

Treatments using ultraviolet, visible or infrared radiation rely on irradiating the entire body or a selected area. Depending on the type of radiation used, we get other therapeutic effects.

Vacuum therapy is a method that uses negative pressure generated inside the device. Thanks to this phenomenon, a set of electrodes for both one-channel and two-channel electrotherapy can be attached to the patient’s body in a very short time.

High-quality, comfortable and easy-to-use ECG units. Whether you wish to record automatic 10-second resting ECGs or longer rhythm ECGs our unit is ideally suited for both use.

The  Stress Test ECG scores highly for its absolute precision, intuitive menu guidance and extreme flexibility. The automatic ST, HR and rhythm monitoring is carried out during the ECG monitoring.

The Holter ECG is an outstanding performer within the field of long-term diagnostics. This lightweight recorder ensures minimum patient discomfort and provides excellent signal quality.

The Holter-RR guarantees reliable, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. The Auto Feedback Logic (AFL) allows quiet, fast readings with low cuff pressure. Threshold tables for children and young people are integrated for precise interpretation.

Compact, elegant, all in one unit for Gynaecology treatment, occupying 0.5 m² of floor space only.

Treatment unit including double armed colposcope in overhead position, Integrated hysteroscopy system, Large capacity drawers, Autoclavable instrument tray, Built-in waste-bin, High power suction pump

Treatment chair for gynaecological procedures with an up-to-date design, proven functionality and an attention to ergonomic lines combined with essential comfort. It includes electrical position for Trendelenburg enabling hysteroscopy procedure. Customer is free to chose from the range of available colours.

A premium ultrasound system with the outstanding image quality and powerful hi-tech features which can bring you an intelligent and accurate diagnostic experience.

Fetal monitor to can display the waveform & data of FHR, TOCO. FM, FM mark. Clinic event mark, Time, Alarm, etc. on one screen. Be available to monitor FHR, TOCO, FM, as well as the ECG, RR, PR, Sp02, NIBP and Temp of pregnant woman.

We offer a wide range of operating tables and surgical lights catering to the needs of the users.

The Anaesthesia workstations meet your most ambitious requirements. They stand out for their lung protective ventilation, accuracy and performance, cost saving, design and ergonomics, safety and versatility.

High-quality ultrasonic instruments and generators, ideally suited for these four surgical disciplines: liver surgery, neurosurgery, spine surgery and Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement (UAW).

Lightest diode and low cost operating lasers with varying wavelength and power offering compatibility and easy transportation.

We offer a wide range of surgical instruments for all fields of General surgery. The manufactured and offered product portfolio includes all standard-type instruments and a wide choice for special surgical fields. e.g. coronary/vascular surgery, gastro-intestinal surgery, ENT, dermatology, neurosurgery

User-friendly, reliable and portable patient monitoring solutions help you achieve cost-effective and sustainable patient outcomes. Practice- and patient-oriented monitoring systems with powerful and complete features that are used for diagnosis of the critically ill patient.

New and exclusive ergonomic concept, with all the connections aligned in the anchorage axis, allows a minimum occupation in the vehicle and an easy interchange between its wall, ceiling, rail, trolley and transport cases. The lung ventilator integrates the most advanced technology in a device of less than 1.4 Kg designed to be held in one hand for any emergency and transport stage.

We offer different sizes of single use video bronchoscope. It is easy to use and it eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and ensure the patients’ safety.

The X-ray system is designed for high patient throughput and can be configured to your exact clinical requirements. It will grant easier and faster examinations of any anatomical district, with vertical, horizontal and angled projections.

When you need the same diagnostic capability and versatility of use
as you have in traditional X-ray room, the mobile Xray is the right solution. The proven generator reliability and the extremely long operativity with a single battery charge assure constant performances throughout the day.

Our powerful mobile fluoroscopy system designed for a wide range of surgical applications.


Dual energy X-ray detector based on fan beam technology and obtains 64 rows of data per one X-ray irradiation, enabling acquisition of data of higher resolution in a shorter time.

We provide ultrasound units with a wide variety of applications like gynaecology, urology, gastroenterology, cardiac studies etc.

We offer our customers the highest quality with in-house manufactured lead- & lead-free radiation protection aprons in a range of styles and exclusive fabrics.

We offer beds with adjustment of motorised height, backrest, thigh rest as well as footrest. It has an auto regression system with a lateral tilt and integrated side rail controls.

Trolleys catering to emergency, treatment, medicinal as well as port purposes.

Wheelchairs with Foldable body and legroom having rear wheels with brakes as well as fabric covered foam seat.

The blood bank refrigerator is an essential piece of equipment in the immunohematology department and provides safe and convenient storage of whole blood, blood components (e.g., blood cells, plasma), and reagents

Portable decontamination master units designed for demanding hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination processes capable of mastering numerous additional units

Germicidal units effectively destroy microorganisms in irradiated region by emitting ultraviolet radiation. The air flow in the germicidal unit draws contaminated air from the room and returns disinfected air.

Hydro active wound care dressing is indicated for the wound care management of 2nd degree burns, Skin graft surgery as full thickness skin graft donor sites and skin transplants

With their different sonotrode shapes the UAW instruments are specially adapted to the needs of Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement. They can be used in disinfect able treatment rooms by doctors and specialised nursing staff. Due to their reprocess ability and longevity, UAW instruments meet the requirements for a resource saving treatment option.


  • quick and safe handling
  • available in different tip configurations
  • comfortable use through ergonomic design
  • can be used by both, doctors and specialized nurses
  • resource preservation due to completely reprocessable instruments

Phantoms for a wide range of applications in Radiology, Fluoroscopy, Dental Radiology, CT and MRI are provided by us.

Resolution test patterns, step wedges, Filters, HVL Filters, Attenuators, Tissue equivalent materials etc. are some of the many test objects we provide to conduct quality control procedures.

Dosimeters, Force Gauges, Densitometers, kV Meters, Multimeters and others that provides accurate measurement of radiological parameters.

Appropriate software analysis tools are provided corresponding to the type of quality control procedure done.

Full test kits depending on the application, the type of quality control test or a set of the same type of tools with varying measurements are catered to the user’s requirements.

Virtual reality dental trainer , students can practice a range of dental preparations, using a real dental handpiece with a highly realistic force feedback.

We provide body models that feature true-to-life representation technique, attention to detail and can be disassembled.