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Vathin specializes in the production,development and sales of single-use bronchoscopes. Core employees of Vathin have more than 20 years’ experience in materials, optics, structure, electronics, software, manufacturing and other fields. In addition, our company dedicated on the guideline of “ Safe Simply Smart ” and has carried forward of the corporate spirit of “ Humanism, innovation and preciseness”.

With the single-use endoscope, the efficiency of medical personnel will be improved. The main reason is that the single-use endoscope can be used after being disassembled and not requiring repeated cleaning like ordinary endoscope. Meanwhile, the most original samples from the patient’s respiratory tract can be collected with the single-use endoscope if the patient is suspected to be infected with respiratory diseases. Above all, our single-use endoscope is sterile and can be discarded after the operation, thus substantially preventing cross infection of super drug-resistance bacteria.