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About Us

Al Raya Medical is privately owned well established medical equipment distributor based in Qatar. We are very careful in selecting our key partners and strive to distribute state of the art, Best Quality, Internationally Certified Medical Equipment and Health Care Services.

We believe that client satisfaction is paramount and is as important as the products and services we provide. we serve and tend our clients needs with the support of our well qualified sales and service team (made of Sales and Marketing specialists, Doctors and Biomedical Engineers etc.,)


We maintain strong professional relationship with local customers and with all regulatory board in the region to ensure that all local requirements and regulatory affairs are marketed in a timely manner. Our customers include all the major healthcare organizations, both public and private sector hospitals, hundreds of specialists and thousands of patients.

We strive for professional excellence and committed to proficiency, reliability and flexibility in all aspects of our business. Our aim is to expand our lines of products and to provide complete services to a larger client base in the region.