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Nissin Dental

1948 Founded in Kyoto as “NISSIN Dental Material Laboratory”
1951 “NISSIN Dental Material Laboratory, Inc.” established
1958 Started sales of Dental Training Models
1960 Established mass production system for jaw models・tooth models
1973 Renamed as “NISSIN Dental Products, Inc.”
1981 Established “SUN MEDICAL, Inc.” from a merger with Mitsui Petrochemical, Inc.(now Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)
1985 Launched dental model product line into the U.S.A. & Canada
1985 Launched dental model product line into Korea
1997 Beijing Office opened
2000 Dental Materials factory building completed
2002 ISO9001 Certification acquired
2005 ISO13485 Certification acquired
2006 Shanghai Office opened
2008 Malaysia Office opened
2009 Established “I-CAST Co. Ltd.”
2010 Dental Materials factory building expanded
2013 65th Anniversary
2014 Established “Nissin Dental Products de Mexico”